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Platelet Rich Plasma Natural Healing

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Patient care and quality of life is our first priority at Sarasota Neurology. Our office is a clean, well-lit environment where you will feel comfortable. We utilize the latest technology, including Electronic Medical Records, which allows us to run efficiently and on time. You can expect to be seen in a timely fashion, with minimal waiting.

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I believe that patients deserve the absolute best medical care available. Improvement in my patient’s well-being and quality of life is my foremost goal and objective.

– Daniel Kassicieh, D.O.

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State-Of-The-Art Neurological Care

State-Of-The-Art Neurological Care

for Joint and Foot Pain


Blood components have the powerful ability to heal injured tissues which can include muscle, tendon, ligaments and bone as well as many other structures in the body. The value of PRP is that it is the concentrated healing components of the blood which include platelets and “dense granules”, both of which contain bioactive proteins that initiate and sustain tissue healing and regeneration. Read More

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