About Sarasota Neurology

Daniel Kassicieh, D.O., FAAN, FACN

Sarasota Neurology and The Florida Headache Center are dedicated to patients with various neurological conditions. Dr. Kassicieh, Founder, is a Board-Certified Neurologist and is the medical director of the Florida Headache Center. He has been practicing in Sarasota for over 21 years. Dr. Kassicieh is a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and the American College of Neuro-psychiatrists. Dr. Kassicieh’s primary medical interests are in the treatment of Movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease, Essential tremor and dystonia treatment with medical Botox. He is also a migraine and headache specialist. He is committed to providing the best possible neurological care to his patients to improve their lives.

A Word About Our Service

How many times have you had an appointment in your doctor’s office, gotten there on time and then had to wait 30 minutes, an hour or even more? We all have. It is one of the frustrating aspects of visiting your doctor’s office. Dr. Kassicieh, at Sarasota Neurology, understands that. He respects patients’ time and makes every effort to see patients at their scheduled appointment time. Dr. Kassicieh does not want his patients waiting for more than a few minutes after they check in, to be seen. He values their time as much as they do and understands his patients have other commitments and time constraints.

Dr. Kassicieh and his staff strive to make sure that his patients are seen on time, tests scheduled and they can leave within a reasonable amount of time. The availability of his website, www.DrKassicieh.com, patients can read about Dr. Kassicieh’s background and learn about the neurological problems he treats. These include neurological problems such as migraine headaches, neck and back pain, Parkinson’s disease, Botox medical therapy and many others. New patients have the availability to download all the required forms, allowing them the freedom to complete these accurately in the comfort of their own home. This saves a tremendous time for the patient in filling out paperwork in the office.

Once the patient comes into Sarasota Neurology, they are pleasantly greeted by our front office manager. Insurance is verified and the patient is brought back for their appointment in a very short time. With the state of the art electronic medical record keeping, Dr. Kassicieh is able to provide better, more efficient care to his patients. Consultations, lab and x-ray as well as other tests and referrals are generated electronically. Once your visit is completed, the completed office visit is immediately faxed to your primary care physician and any consulting physicians you request. Your prescriptions are already printed and waiting for you at check out.

In summary, we here at Sarasota Neurology strive to make you, the patient, comfortable and also for you to have a pleasurable experience. You are provided with timely, state-of-the-art medical and neurological care – based on evidence based medicine.  We look forward to seeing our patients and treat them with the respect they deserve. Thank you for visiting our blog site and would invite you to visit Dr. Kassicieh’s website for more information.

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